Grow in the safety of your home!

In these unusual times I have created a Soft Basic areola course. To help you become the best VMM® artist within a flexible budget.

You will love this course... it is super easy and packed full of information.

I have over 10 years of experience which I bring to class. My soul passion to teach and Empower my students. I make it my mission to create impressive VMM® artist’s. 

This means stronger humans can get the artwork their deserve! 

Today was AMAZING! My Heart is so full and I am so grateful for this opportunity...I don't think I have ever left a training class with such a clear and understanding of the exact steps I need to take. I am beyond happy I signed up for this course.

Lauren Weber Laliberte - USA

Hi, I'm Vicky,

I have an intense passion for creating super realistic Art for Women and men to feel complete again, I have spent over 14 years mastering this skill and know my HEALED results are incredible.

My art heals so well with minimum trauma maximum retention.

Not only do I allow a human to feel incredible about their outside but I also feel just as passionate about the inside. This has lead me to be qualified in reprogramming a mind, a forever updating hypnotist and a Practioner in sub conscious dominance.

I will always look for the diamond in the dirt and I believe if you look for a diamond you will find it.

Your life is what you think it is.